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Keeping Your Garden Pet-Safe


You likely put a lot of time and effort into landscaping and maintaining your garden. You fill it with beautiful plants, trees and shrubbery so that it can be a place of serenity where you go to relax and sip a cool drink at the end of a long day. Any gardener worth their salt has a responsibility to keep their garden healthy and well-maintained so that it can grow. But pet owners have a whole other level of responsibility, the difficult balance between keeping your garden beautiful and keeping it safe for our furry friends. Read more


The Benefits of Dog Walking For You And Your Dog


Taking your dog for a walk is essential for its health, but it has many benefits for both you and your dog that could make it an important part of your day. Some people consider dog walking to be a chore, but after learning about it’s different benefits, you might feel differently. Read about the benefits of walking for you and your dog and learn something new. Read more


Turning Your Canine From Blob To Dog

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Much like humans, dogs can become overweight. If they eat too much food or don’t do enough exercise, their body won’t be able to burn all of the energy they take in. Over time, this energy will be stored as fat throughout their body. Of course, this wouldn’t be much of an issue, if this sort of lifestyle didn’t have a negative impact on a dog’s health. But, unfortunately, it does. And, the array of issues it can cause is shocking enough for most people to put their pooch on a diet. To help you out with this, this post will be going through some of the best ways to help your dog lose some weight. And, all the while, you’ll also be helping them to live a happier life. Read more


How to Stop Your Dog Chewing Everything Within Reach


When your dog won’t stop chewing everything within its reach, it can be difficult to know where to turn. You can’t just let this carry on, but it’s hard to know where you should begin when aiming to halt the behaviour. That’s especially true when you’re a new dog owner and have no experience of this kind of thing.

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Living Woof: A Guide To An Outside Dog


Pet owners are protective, so keeping a dog inside is now the norm. But, it is worth remembering that a pooch is well capable of living outside. The idea might not be a nice one, yet there are times when it is necessary. Let’s face it – no one wants it weeing and ripping up the house while you’re at work. If leaving it outside for a length of time is appealing, there are a few things you should know first. After all, the dog’s welfare should never be in jeopardy regardless of where it lays its head. Read more


Fancy A New Pet? Try These Options!


It was the author Gerald Durrell who said that ‘A house is not a home until it has a dog.’ We’d argue his mainly true – but replace dog with a pet. A house is not a home until it’s got a pet! What do pets do for us though? Well – they are very important in the development of a child. Pets give them love and attention and are an excellent friend when growing up. Pets relieve stress as well – so when you’re down and out, cuddle up to a pet and give them a good stroke. They help bring our families closer together; they are also a big part of the family as well – bringing a pet, or a new pet into the home might be the best choice you will ever make! You have to ensure you’re ready for the responsibility though, because a pet needs you as much as you need it. Read more


What Type Of Pet Would Be The Best Fit For Your Family?


You’ve decided that now is the right time to get a pet for your family. The kids have been asking you for years to let them have a pet, and you’ve finally decided that now is the perfect time to add a pet to your family. It’s great that you’ve decided to adopt a pet, but what you don’t want to do is rush things and end up picking the wrong pet. Read more


What Kind Of Dog Fits You?


You’ve decided you want a dog which hopefully means you’re definitely ready to share your life with a faithful companion that needs plenty of care and attention. But you’re wondering which kind of dog, exactly, it’s wise to get. If you need a dog for any kind of service, then there are specific breeds that work best for those. If it’s purely for a pet or a companion, however, then it’s all about discovering what your needs are and how well your lifestyle might fit with your new friend. Read more


Keeping Your Pooch Safe In The Yard

During the summer, it’s common to let your dog out in the garden. After all, they love the fresh air and bathing in the hot sun. And it can be fun for all the family when your pooch joins you in the backyard. However, you need to be so careful to ensure your pet is safe when in the yard. After all, you don’t want to find they have made a grand escape from the garden, or have an injury. Therefore, here are some ways to keep your pooch safe in the yard. Read more


Putting Your Best Paw Forward With Your New Dog


This might be your first time around this particular ride or maybe you’ve been a pet parent before. Whether you’re an old hand or a first-time owner, and whether it’s a puppy you’re welcoming or an older dog, you can’t accept them lightly. There’s a lot of responsibility and care that goes into being a mom or dad to a dog. Here, we’re going to make sure you’re putting your best paw forward and that you’re ready for the new family member. Read more