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Take A Deep Breath: How To Deal With Your Partner’s Hobby


No relationship is perfect. At least that’s what we tell ourselves through gritted teeth as our partners enter their fourth hour of taking the TV over with sports. But the truth is that everyone has hobbies, no matter how much they might annoy you – and it’s important try to respect that. Here are some tips to help… Read more


Wash That Man Right Out Of Your Hair: How To Bounce Back After A Breakup





Trying to come to terms with a breakup can be extremely hard. And if the split was a messy one, the aftermath isn’t going to be too pretty at all. So there is no wonder that some girls find it hard to get their lives back on track. It can be a lot more tempting to stay at home each night with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s in front of a weepy movie rather than hit the dating scene again. Read more


Spending Quality Time With Your Partner Is Important – Here’s Why!

Every couple will hit that point in their relationship when the spark starts to fade. It probably isn’t even your fault and is likely down to external factors. You could have young children, which can take up all your time. You may have a new job, which means a longer commute and less family time. Household bills could be piling up fast, and you may be feeling the stress.

However, it shouldn’t be this way. You’re extremely lucky to have someone in your life who cares for you, so cherish them dearly. No matter what stresses life throws at you, you should still make some time for each other. It’s incredibly important for the long-term success of your relationship. Read more