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How We Can Make Our Cars Safer For Our Kids


Although the cars we drive and the roads we drive them on are much safer than they have been in the past, every time you drive anywhere, you’re taking a risk. It would be horrible if you were involved in a car accident, but even worse if it involved the people you love most – your kids. Thankfully, there are a number of ways that parents can make their cars safer for their children, and minimize the risk of them ever coming to harm on the road. Here are just a few… Read more


Keeping Your Pooch Safe In The Yard

During the summer, it’s common to let your dog out in the garden. After all, they love the fresh air and bathing in the hot sun. And it can be fun for all the family when your pooch joins you in the backyard. However, you need to be so careful to ensure your pet is safe when in the yard. After all, you don’t want to find they have made a grand escape from the garden, or have an injury. Therefore, here are some ways to keep your pooch safe in the yard. Read more


What Is The Difference Between Hemp And Pot Plants?


What Is The Difference Between Hemp And Pot Plants?

Both hemp and pot are two extremely popular names for the marijuana plant. While most of the time the word “cannabis” conjures up images of burning joints, the term doesn’t typically equate to plant-based plastics, military grade fabrics or durable paper. Understanding the difference between hemp and pot plants can be tough because of the lack of information available to the general public. Read more


Stable Tips For Your Barn Conversion


One of the hottest trends in the property market at the minute is barn conversions. People find that once they put their barn conversion property onto the market, it is quickly snapped up in a matter of weeks. And it isn’t just property investors who love these sellable homes; people who are looking for a great deal on their next home are now starting to realize that buying a run-down barn and developing it into a new family home can work out a lot cheaper than buying a new house. So there is no wonder that so many people now have their eyes open for a barn to buy and convert. Already purchased one and ready to get going with the whole development? Here are some tips that should help you keep the whole job stable throughout the whole process. Read more


Everyone Loves Good Neighbors


The classic Australian soap got it right when it said, ‘everybody needs good neighbors with a little understanding.’ Let’s face it – the last thing you need is a neighbor from hell. Apart from turning up on a daytime TV show, you’ll also never get any sleep or enjoy living in your home. But, have you ever thought of it the other way around? Have you ever wondered if you are a bad stable buddy? If you’re currently renovating, you will fit into this category. However, with a few simple moves, you can get out of the street’s bad books. Read more


Four Cute Ways to Involve Your Kids in Your Wedding

More and more couples today are settling down and having children before deciding that it’s finally time to tie the knot. Perhaps you have children from a previous relationship, or maybe you’ve been investing your time and money into building your family before deciding to go ahead with a wedding. Whatever your reason, you will probably want to make sure that your little ones play a huge part in this wonderful day to celebrate mom and dad. We’ve listed some really cute ways that your kids can get involved with your wedding, both during the planning stage and on the day.

#1. Bridesmaids and Ushers:

Most parents will give the important roles of bridesmaid, flower girls, groomsmen or ring bearers to their children. Allowing your little ones to be such an important part of your bridal or groom party is the perfect way to make your wedding a true family affair. Your little one will feel so proud and happy to be able to walk up the aisle with their mom or hand the rings to dad when it’s time to say ‘I do’.

#2. Making Wedding Invitations:

If you’re hoping to save as much money as you can on tying the knot, then you might be considering making your own wedding invitations. Thanks to online tools where you can create wedding invitations at a fraction of the price that you’d pay a professional, it’s easier than ever to get professional, beautiful results by doing it yourself. Allowing your kids to help out with making invitations can make them even more unique and wonderful, not to mention that it can be a great family bonding activity!

#3. Include Your Children in Your Vows:

When traditional wedding vows were written, it was in an age where having children before marriage was generally frowned upon. However, things have changed, and with many couples now getting married after starting a family, including something about your children in your wedding vows is a popular choice. Mentioning your love and commitment to your children together when you say your vows to each other is a perfect way of making your little ones feel special, and demonstrating your commitment to the whole family, rather than just to one another.

#4. Have a Parent-Child Dance:

After your wedding ceremony has ended, it’s time to head to the reception where you can dance the night away with your new spouse, family and closest friends. During the wedding reception, it’s tradition to have the first dance between husband and wife, and then other family members such as the special dance between the bride and her father. To involve your little ones, why not include a special family dance, perhaps after your first dance together, where your children get up on the floor and you can enjoy the moment together as a family unit.

Many couples today are already parents by the time they pop the question and tie the knot. Did you involve your little ones in your wedding? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


Understanding The Different Road Collisions


Nobody wants to be in a car crash if they can help it. But when it does happen, it is best if you can at least have a rough idea as to what to do and how to deal with it. In order to be able to do that, of course, it can help hugely if you understand what the major different types of crash collision are. This doesn’t mean that actual causes, but rather the ways in which people tend to crash on the roads. Knowing this can ensure that you know as much as possible, and so know when to pay particular attention when you are on the roads. Let’s have a look at the major types of road collisions. Read more


Stubborn Stain Salvation – 6 Steps Toward Getting Your Bond Back


Stubborn Stain Salvation – 6 Steps Toward Getting Your Bond Back

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Getting your bond back at the end of a tenancy is a process often fraught with doubt and last-minute scrubbing. At the end of the process, can you be sure that you will get your money back? Read more


A Guide to Asbestosis


As asbestosis is an illness that does not show itself for 10-40 years, it often catches people by surprise, and they don’t realise that they have the condition. If you have been showing signs of an illness lately, and you’re not quite sure what the problem is, this article should help you to determine whether asbestos has anything to do with. Read more


Great Gift Ideas That Come with a Personal Touch


Do you find that too many gifts offer nothing personal and unique? This is a big problem, and it’s something that you should try to address as soon as you can. There are plenty of gift ideas that move away from the commercial products and towards something that’s a little more special and personal. It’s these kinds of gifts that tend to be remembered for a long time to come. Read on to learn more about some of the best gift ideas that come with a personal touch.


A Blank Scrapbook


Blank scrapbooks are simple and affordable, but they also make really good gifts. They allow the person you’re buying for to cement memories and get creative. They can store photos, writing and items that hold some sentimental value for them in there. For teenagers, this can be especially useful. But it’s a great gift for anyone, no matter how young or old they are. You can gift it someone alongside some other items that will help them to fill their scrapbook too. It’s something that you should definitely not rule out.


Personalised Items


Personalised items definitely add a more personal touch to the things that you buy. You should definitely think about buying these kinds of items if you are not sure what else to get. You could find embossed note cards, personalised stationery or wall hangings. These things all look great when personalised. And if you want to spend a little more money, you could also engrave a more expensive item, such as a watch, with the name of the person who you’re giving the gift to. It’s a good way to make a conventional gift more personal. Read more