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Do’s and Don’ts of How You Should Move a Piano.


So, are all your boxes packed and ready to be loaded? Moving can be very taxing, especially when big items are involved such as a piano. You cannot handle the move on your own and you need to be very careful or you might chip it from a corner. A basic piano weighs 380 pounds and if it’s a grand piano, good luck with even two people handling it. This baby weighs more than a 1000 pounds and manoeuvring it around the narrow corridor can be nerve racking. Read more


WowWee UNTAMED Sabre Tooth Tigers and Sneak Peek Dire Wolves


WowWee is at it again with some cool Fingerlings again. I cannot get enough of all this cuteness of these awesome toys. First let me introduce you to the UNTAMED Sabre Tooth Tigers. Read more


How To Get the Perfect Tan With CoolTan

We all know that one of the most sought-after souvenirs from a vacation is an amazing tan. We all want that amazing glow that will take our look to the next level and make us look absolutely amazing. But getting a tan can actually be quite difficult! Between sticky and streaky tanning lotions and sprays, awkward tan lines, and an uneven tan it can seem downright impossible to get the perfect tan! I was super excited when I found out about the company CoolTanⓇ and their TanThrough swimwear that lets you get the perfect tan right through your swimsuit, makes it easier than ever before, and is super comfortable all at the same time! Read more


WowWee UNTAMED Skeleton Dinosaurs


Meet Doom and Gloom the newest in the UNTAMED line from WowWee. These two Skeleton Dinosaurs can glow in the dark giving them no place to hide. With their ferocious personalities they know the difference between friends and foes. In untamed mode, they rattle, roar, hiss and chomp. In tamed mode, they nuzzle and purr. Read more


Choose the Lender That’s Right For You


There are many reasons somebody may need to take out a loan. Sometimes a person may find himself or herself in a sticky situation where he or she needs a short-term loan to make ends meet. Perhaps an unexpected event occurs which resulted in significant expenses. This can be difficult for many people, especially for those living on a fixed income. Whatever the reason for needing a loan, it is important to find a good lender. There are some key qualities which any good lender should offer. Read more


This is what you did not know about tarot cards



Considered as a new age discovery, the art of laying tarot cards and interpreting the results has been in existence for a very long time now. Often shown on the television and in films, tarot cards sometimes create a creepy atmosphere on air. There are a number of professional readers who offer their services in person, over email and on the phone. There are also do-it-yourself websites which allow you to pick a card and interpret it yourself. You might be familiar with some of the most beautiful cards but there is a lot more to tarot.

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From Theory to Action – 3 Tips That Will Get You Back In Shape!


Tell me…

How long have you been revolving around in the circle of obesity?

Spending tons of money on yoga programs, weight loss promises; losing the weight and gaining it back again: and starting and abruptly ending a new dieting approach continuously.

Maybe you went through a mix of all three in a big circle or cycle of obesity.

Some people stay in it for years, decades, or a lifetime! While the minority seems to get it right, most folks seem to be mid-diet, while very few are actually just maintaining a healthy weight. Read more


The 4 golden rules of interior design 

Your Northern Beach apartment in Sydney always stands to gain from an interior design makeover. But with so many options out there, it can become a tad bit overwhelming to decide the right fit. Too much experimentation is a costly endeavour, so what you’re looking for is an interior design solution that not only fits in well with your room’s overall décor but also strikes the perfect balance between the ‘cost and aesthetic ratio’.

It’s like the goldilocks zone that hits the sweet spot – eclectic and chic but affordable. Let’s start with discussing the impact of room layouts. Read more


Boris and Bella Fingerling Hugs


Today is #FingerlingsFriday so I wanted to introduce you to the newest Fingerling HUGS. Let’s Monkey around with Boris and Bella. These two monkeys have the sweetest personality that will put a smile on any child’s face. Read more


Why Working From Home Is Perfect for Parents

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When you have little ones, chances are that you have to change your work routine or career path in order to accommodate your and you family’s new needs and requirements. Working from home could provide you all with everything you could possibly need. Here are a few benefits that come hand in hand with this mode of work!

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