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Be Careful With Your Children’s Online Usage


Most parents would agree that it is hugely important to make sure that your children are as safe as possible while online. These days, it is getting harder and harder to police what is happening on the internet, and if you sometimes find yourself being a little worried about your children when they are online, you are not alone. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that you are not so worried, and that your children are being a little safer with their online usage. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to ease your concerns. Read more


How To Keep Online Gaming Safe for Your Kids

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Video gaming used to be a strong ‘no-go’ zone for parents. But that was many, many moons ago before parents started becoming more and more interested in the many benefits that video gaming can offer children. If you are still sitting on the fence here are some of the best methods and tools to ensure that you are properly monitoring your childrens video game activity and that you are encouraging the best kind of video play. Read more


Techin’ Home Entertainment Back To Basics


The realm of home entertainment has seen immense progress over the past 20 years. Subsequently, the possibilities are undoubtedly greater than ever. However, it has become increasingly complex too. Given that maximum enjoyment is the target, many people find that simplicity is king.    Read more


Is It Time to Update Your Home’s Electronics?


When was the last time you went out to the store to buy some new electronics? How long has it been since someone has taken a look at your internet connection? Do you know why your computer is being slow—even when you’re just trying to load Facebook to speak with your friends?

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There’s An App For That And It Could Be Yours

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If you are one of the 77% of Americans who own a smartphone, you will know just how useful it can be. They are so popular exactly because they are so convenient. Modern smartphones now have more processing power than NASA used to send two men to the moon in 1969. While you may not use your smartphone for anything quite as impressive, it probably makes your life easier. Getting a ride late at night is now simple thanks to apps like Uber and Lyft. For all of the bad press about apps like Tinder, it has changed the way that lots of people organize their social life. You can also use your smartphone to read entire books, play games when you are commuting to work, or teach yourself a new language. The possibilities are pretty endless, a fact demonstrated by there being 2.8 million apps in Google Play and 2.2 million in Apple’s App Store. While many of these apps will not be especially popular, and therefore not that profitable, the opportunity to make money from apps is real. Whether an app costs money to download, there is still the possibility for revenue with in-app purchases. Lots of apps also integrate advertisements and offer to omit them for customers who pay for the privilege. The revenue streams for people who create and publish apps are well established, and if you want to get your share of that, here is what you need to know: Read more


What Technology Do You Need To Run A Successful Blog?


Blogging is undoubtedly one of the greatest phenomena of the 21st century. After years of rapid popularity growth, it is now a firm favorite for tech enthusiasts across the globe.

Some do it for pleasure while others do it with profit in mind. Whatever camp you fall into, gaining the best results will be a priority at all times. A number of tech facilities will be needed to unlock that full potential, so what are the key items that you cannot afford to miss? Read more


Turning Yourself Into A Retro Gamer (The Authentic Way)


While so many people talk about the gaming revolution that’s happening right now, can we go back in time and remember a bygone era where games were simpler. And by simpler, I mean more complicated. Though it’s now classed as retro, the games of the late 80s and early 90s were much harder to complete, and I thought that it was just the fact that I was younger and had a less developed brain. But no, after trying to complete Streets Of Rage 2 on medium, I really struggled my way through. So, here is your guide to getting retro’d up! Read more


Your Guide To The Ultimate Gaming Setup


If you’re a gamer, then you know how important it is to get fully immersed in the experience. Accepting any old makeshift setup just isn’t going to get you the best experience. Which is why you ought to think about creating a full-fledged game station for yourself. If you can dedicate a whole room to it, excellent. If not, you can still benefit from the tips below that will you gaming more comfortably, more engaged, and more in control than ever. Read more


My Charge Hub Series makes Charging Easy


Dragging cables with you everywhere when you want to bring your portable charger can  not only be a pain in the neck, but can weigh you down when on the go. Cell phone charge doesn’t typically last very long and when on the go we always want to stay connected having a backup charger has become paramount today.  Read more


Urbin Armor Gear best Protection for your Phone


Our cell phones are our lifelines these days and we want to make sure they are protected if we drop them.  I know I have dropped my cell phone numerous times but thankfully for Urbin Armor Gear I don’t have to worry about it being damaged.  Read more