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TV Units: The Parts that make up a Whole




A new flat screen TV can be a remarkable addition to your home all by itself, but having the right stand to go with it is more of a necessity than a trend. In this article we’ll consider the three most important aspects to bear in mind when buying a TV unit: size, material and style.

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Play Games for Prizes at Betway Bingo

How many times have you wanted to go play bingo out with your friends and you cannot seem to escape? I know I have many times and with four children it is not always easy. I recently discovered this online bingo site that is pretty neat and you can earn prizes! One thing I like about playing in my own home is I can wear whatever I want and play bingo in my pajamas with my hair a mess and no one will care. With technology being advanced today, we have this wonderful luxury of playing these games on our computers and phones. Read more


Mechanical Perfection in the 6Gv2 SteelSeries Keyboard

                The 6Gv2 mechanical keyboard by SteelSeries looks like other standard IBM compatible keyboards at first glance.  Visually, the difference is the replacement of the lower left Windows key with a special SteelSeries function key that can be utilized to activate the media functions assigned to the F1 through F6 keys.  This has been done so that when an individual is in game, they do not accidently depress the Windows key that can cause the window to be minimized.  Yet, that is where the similarities end between modern standard consumer keyboards and mechanical prowess of the 6Gv2.  Read more


Get Great Sound Quality & Portability With Jabra Step Wireless Headsets

Tied up once again, I digress that while I love the sound quality of decent ear buds, I hate being caught by them every time I move.  I have tried the single ear Bluetooth devices and found them decent for talking on the phone, but music was right out.  The oversized earphones are great for music, but are bulky and cumbersome to be wearing as a full time solution.  Jabra has introduced myself to the solution of this common issue that has plagued my quest in achieving balance between portability and sound quality.  Read more


Destiny for PS3 Review


Holiday Gift Guide 2014

From the creators of Halo and the publisher of Call of Duty, Activision, comes Destiny the next evolution in interactive entertainment and an epic adventure unlike anything players have experienced before. In Destiny you are a Guardian of the last city on Earth, able to wield amazing powers and explore the ancient ruins of the solar system, from the red dunes of Mars to Venus. Discover all that was lost and become a legend. Read more


Free Yourself From Contracts With FreedomPop Review


While I love using technology, I never found the cost of traditional or prepaid cellular companies worth what was provided.  Mainly, this is due to primarily due to most of my communications are work related and occur on the office device.  Lately, I have found myself wishing to have the convenience of a cell phone, but still could not find myself to pay the high monthly fees.  Personally, I do not like to be tied to a long-term commitment when I am dealing with service contracts as the pricing market is always evolving.  I always feel that as soon as I do commit, a better deal evolves into the market and I am now stuck waiting until I fulfill my obligation.  Enter FreedomPop, a company who provides excellent cellular service without the requirements of long-term contracts or paying for extra data I will not use.  Read more


Own Your Multimedia Experience with SteelSeries

SteelSeries Siberia Headphones

Ultimate multimedia and gaming experiences are created by using realistic output from the computer or game system to your body. The visual experience has vastly been improved in the past several years with vast improvements in monitors and video cards.  To complete the perfect immersed experience a very large portion is how accurate and believable the audio being played is. This is where making sure that you have the right headset comes in, and where the SteelSeries Siberia V2 Frost Blue edition comes in! I have always been a strong believer in utilizing high-end headsets for my computer to complete my gaming and multimedia experience for my notebook.   When I had the chance to try this headset, I was excited to test them as I have loved every SteelSeries product I have used.  Read more


Vivitar Camelio Tablet Review


 20140615_213855_HDR                                                                         My youngest and I had the wonderful opportunity to review the Camelio family tablet by Vivitar. The Camelio tablet is designed to make it easy for young children to navigate by giving it a friendly interface that makes it easy to add programs with a simple touch of a button. The Camelio tablet is easy for small fingers to manipulate and easy to hold with the rounded edges and grip-ble design.  Read more


Jam Splash Shower Radio Review



I had the opportunity to review the HMDX Jam Splash Bluetooth Shower Speaker. My daughter loves music and she has constantly been asking me to get her a shower speaker so she can listen to music while she showers. If I took 30 minute showers like my daughter I guess I would want music too! (lol)  Read more


Protect your Phone and Tablet with OtterBox





I received an opportunity to review two different cases from OtterBox. If you are familiar with OtterBox you would know they specialize in cases to protect your phone and tablet. Read more

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