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Jump drives have grown in popularity, but even more so they have grown in storage capability and speed. Read more


Sakar My Little Pony Headphones and Earbuds Revew

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 I had the opportunity to review the My Little Pony Headphones from Sakar. The volume limiting headphones have kid safe technology so that kids cannot turn the headphones so loud that it hurts their ear drums. The cushion on the headphones makes them comfortable for wearing. The cute My Little Pony character design is appealing to children that are young and like wearing headphones.  Read more


Fellowes PowerShred M-12C Shredder Review!

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 How many times do you normally just throw papers in the garbage and not think about ripping them up ahead of time? I know I have many times. I have cut credit cards in half and tossed them in the garbage not thinking that someone could very easily put them together to get the numbers. Identify thieves love to dumpster dive and steal bank statements, information that has your social security number on it, and other sensitive documents. Read more

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