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Shopkins Season 3 Theme Packs are the Perfect Holiday Gift

*Holiday Guide 2015*

With the holiday just around the corner, it is time to pick up the latest fun toys for your kids. Shopkins season 3 Theme Packs have a variety of fun items for your kids to enjoy. If you are familiar with Shopkins, then you can add these cute theme packs to your existing collection.


This Fast Food Theme Pack has everything you need to serve up some tasty treats to your Shopkin friends. With the sweet serve ice cream machine and grill, you can cook hamburgers, fries, salty pretzels and ice cream. In addition, this pack includes 8 Shopkinfun goodies. Read more


Fall 2015 Springfield Boutique Dolls

*Holiday Gift Guide 2015*

Christmas will be here before you know it and now is time to start thinking what to get that special girl in your life. My daughter is 9 and thankfully still loves dolls. Dolls can be so fun to play with especially when they are easy to dress and have hair you can brush and do different things with. If you remember last year we showcased the Springfield Dolls around the same time last year and while those dolls are available, we want to show you the new fall collection of Springfield dolls by Fibre-Craft. Read more


Bears for Humanity Giveaway


Can a bear really change the world? Yes, it most certainly can! Bears for Humanity is changing the world one bear at a time. When you purchase a bear from Bears for Humanity you are not only buying one for yourself, but you are giving to a child that is in a difficult situation. You can feel good knowing that you are making a difference in a child’s life. Bears for Humanity is committed to improving the world around us. In fact, they have partnered up with CalWorks in which they work with individuals that have been affected by the loss of a family member, traumatic life-event, or are a foster family. They are working to help thousands of children by improving their lives and creating jobs for hard working people.

Read more


Ozobot Bit the Creative Robot


There are many robot type toys on the market today, however, nothing like the one I am going to show and explain to you. Ozobot is a robot that follows a path by reading different colors on a piece of paper or colored coded lines on pre-printed sheets that you fill in. This creative robot not only teaches STEM and programmable coding, but it empowers children’s minds to discover and explore complex coding concepts.

Ozobot takes learning to a whole new level. If you do not have a tablet, you can still have fun with markers, paper and game boards. You can control Ozobot’s behavior through a block based editor Blockly. Through the many applications such as hopscotch, scratch, inventor, tynker and others, Ozobot encourages creative thinking and empowers your mind to think logically while providing hours of fun.  Read more


Fibre-Craft Creative Hands Fun with Crafts Review and Giveaway


Creative Hands knows how important it is for children today to be engaged in creative learning. Kids that are exposed to engaged learning stand a better than average chance of becoming higher-functioning, more successful, and better adjusted than peers not exposed to arts and crafts. There are a lot of sm’ARt benefits that Fibre-Craft Creative Hands has outlined below. Read more


The Queen’s Treasure 1930 Style American Sewing Machine


My daughter has recently received her first American Girl Doll. When we received the Vintage 1930 American Sewing Machine from Queen’s Treasure she could not wait to get her doll to play with it. The Queen’s Treasures have amazing doll furniture, clothes, accessories and more for 18 inch dolls. Read more


FlipStir 3D Puzzle Solar System Review

 Holiday Guide 2014

Do you like challenging puzzles? If you like a good challenge, you should try the award winning FlipStir 3D puzzle. I received the Solar System FlipStir puzzle to try and let me tell you, it is quite the challenge and I still have not solved it yet. I will eventually and it has been fun trying.  Read more


Hess Truck 2014 Review


Holiday Guide 2014


Every year I have always loved seeing the different Hess trucks in the store during holiday time. This year I received one for review. For those that do not know the history of the Hess truck here is some information that I found to be interesting. Read more


Popar Toys where Interactive Books Come to Life Review

 Holiday Guide 2014 

When you are reading books, do you ever wish you could interact with the characters or have them pop out at you? I have many times and now you can with Popar Toys 3D Interactive Books. Popar Interactive Books are designed to allow the reader to experience stories, adventures and learning. I had the opportunity to review two different interactive books. Read more


K’nex 70 Model Building Set Review


Holiday Gift Guide 2014

I received a wonderful opportunity to review a great gift for the holidays/ American Certified produces 1.5 million products made in full or part in America. In addition,  USA made products are quality and safer products we can trust to have in our homes. American Certified has made it easy for all of us to shop for products that create American jobs. Visit American Certified today.  Read more

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