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6 Ways you Can Survive a Family Road Trip

Traveling is fun, but traveling in a car for hours with your entire family isn’t always as enjoyable. If flying is out of the question or too costly, a road trip is the perfect way to save money while on vacation or visiting relatives. However, being cooped up in a car too long can leave you a little stir crazy. Plus, you don’t have access to all the things you may normally need while going throughout your day-to-day life. Take a look a six ways you can survive a family road trip. Read more


First Visit to China? Don’t Miss these Popular Destinations


It is easy to feel a little lost when you’re planning your very first trip to China, so we compiled a list of our favorite Chinese tourist destinations.


Image by Aaron Webb via Flickr

China is full of memorable travel experiences, there’s no debate there. However trying to book your first trip to China can still be difficult because it’s hard to know what sort of destinations will suit you. Your interests, budget, methods of travel, and expectations all form a matrix of unique qualifying factors for the “ideal China trip”. Read more


My Busch Gardens Adventure

 Disclosure: As a Busch Gardens Ambassador I received tickets for my family free of charge to visit Busch Gardens. 

As a Busch Gardens Ambassador I had the chance to take my family to Busch Gardens for the day. I cannot tell you how exciting it was. I am a big amusement park fan and love riding fast thrill rides. I love the feeling of being scared as the rush is very exciting to me. We were not able to ride every single ride as the park closes at 6 and we did not have the Quick Que to go in front of the line. We will be going in another month, so I will be able to show you those rides when we go next time. We stayed over in a hotel on Friday night in Tampa so that we could get there when they opened. Read more


Things to do in Australia

Things to Do in Australia

Australia is a great country. It is also a continent encompassed by the Indian and Pacific oceans. With the amazing landforms, huge parks, well preserved wildlife, scenic beaches, and unique Aussie culture, you may find it a bit difficult to know where to start. Here are some of the best things you can do when you travel to Australia. Read more


Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is my third favorite place to be, right behind Disney World and the
ocean/beach. I’ve visited with my family almost every summer since I was a
little girl, and it only took one trip for me to fall in love with the many
exhibits. It’s always cool to experience so many different countries without
actually leaving the country!

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Best Places to Travel on a Budget Part 1



This is my first post to Traveling on a budget. I have compiled a list below of some places I have found that I think are good choices when you want to travel but do not want to spend a fortune. Traveling on a budget does not necessarily mean you cannot enjoy dining out because not all restaurants are overly expensive. One thing to keep in mind is, if you are traveling on a budget you have to cut your costs somehow and that may mean bringing your own food and doing picnics at parks instead of dining out. This will be a series of 2-3 posts.  Traveling on a budget also does not mean you are not willing to spend money either. Your budget may be 3,000 for a vacation while some may have a smaller budget. Along the series of posts I will be listing many different types of places and attractions for all budget sizes.  Read more


Olive Garden New Flavors For the New Year Review


In my previous post I have mentioned new items that have arrived at Olive Garden. My husband and I do not get to go out to dinner alone all that often and since Olive Garden has a few new things to try we decided to head on over for dinner. My husband and I have been to Olive Garden a few times and each time we go we have a pleasant experience along with good food. I could not wait to try some of the new items. I wanted to try the new flatbread items, but because of some acid reflux problems I decided to try a couple of their other new items. As always, we started out with their awesome breadsticks and their amazing salad. Read more


Olive Garden Alfredo Fest Review


My husband and I never get to have a date night. This past Friday we decided to head to our local Olive Garden as they are having Alfredo Fest. I love Alfredo and enjoy eating it much more at a restaurant. This has been our second time since having our children that we were able to go out to eat ourselves and this was just the perfect timing.
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My Disney Vacation


Disney World is my favorite place on earth. How many places feel magical the way Walt Disney World makes you feel? It is hard to explain the feeling and the only way I can describe it is once you walk through the gates all your worries go away. I went to Disney three times growing up as a child and I wanted my kids to experience it like I did. For our first family vacation, I thought Disney was the perfect place to make ever lasting memories that we will carry for a lifetime. My kids could not agree more. Since we live in Florida it only took 3 hours to get there. We decided to stay outside Disney property, but very close to Downtown Disney. The first day we went to Hollywood Studios. I took a disposable camera with me that day so I do not have any pictures to share, but I have to say my favorite ride is the Rockin Roller Coaster. The ride is very fast and love the thrill of it. It was the only ride my 5 year old at the time was not allowed to ride (not because of me) but of height restrictions. Oh yes, he loves fast rides! My second favorite ride of Hollywood Studios is The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror.
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Vibrant and Fun Social Life in Palm Beach Gardens



Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is a Signature City which praises personal satisfaction by cultivating an environment of incredibleness.

With over 30% of area mass committed to green space, diversion projects customized for occupants of all ages, a honor winning Art in Public Places program, a star animated business atmosphere that grasps improvement and an inborn understanding of the harmony between social and financial conditions, Palm Beach Gardens is significantly more than a definitive excursion spot. Read more