Don’t Let These Car Buyer Scams Fool You

When it comes to selling your junk car, it’s hard not to approach the process with skepticism.  The great news is that there are countless legitimate services out there, but there are still a lot of dishonest ones too.  Keep an eye out for the companies that may try to pull one over on you thinking you won’t know you’re being scammed.  Take a look at these 5 car buyer scams so you aren’t fooled when you try to get rid of your old car.
You are given a vague estimate.
Whether you are trying to learn how to deal with your partner’s hobby of collecting old cars or have a junk car that’s sentimental to you, the options of what to do with the car are sometimes blurry.  If the car buyer gives you a vague value, it’s a red flag. When this happens it’s likely the auto salvage yard will lowball you upon arrival and assume you’ll settle on the amount of money in lieu of taking the vehicle back.  Get a clear offer prior to towing the car from your home to the salvage yard.
There are undisclosed towing fees.
With junk car removal, the towing process and fee are usually rolled into the deal.  Before you sign the dotted line agreeing on the sale, verify whether or not the towing fee is associated with the offer or will be an extra charge. Save yourself the headache of trying to come up with cash on the spot for towing and spend that cash doing something you love instead!
You are told your car is worth nothing.
If you call to inquire about your vehicle and the car buyer tells you that he’ll take your car for free, get a second opinion.  Even if the car does not run, the metal alone is worth something. Get a few estimates from different car junk removal companies before you commit to an offer to make sure you are getting the best deal.
There is no immediate payment.
Never leave the salvage yard without money in your pocket.  If the company offers to send you a check by mail, don’t consent.  Once your car is towed away and you have signed over the title to the salvage yard, it can get away without paying you and run.  Never agree to waiting for a check to arrive in the mail.
 The agreed upon car value changes.
It’s all too common for companies to offer you money for your old car over the phone, and then lower the offer once you show up with your car.  These companies think that you’ll agree to the price now that you’ve gone to the trouble of getting your vehicle to the salvage yard.  To avoid this scam, always get offers for your junk car in writing and don’t agree to the new, lower amount.
If your car is on its last leg, you need to proceed with care knowing that there are junk car removal companies out there who are out to scam you. Don’t fall for those tricks or myths. Do your research online on the front end so you can work with a reputable junk car removal company that values its customers and treats them with respect.