West Boulevard Cleaners is an Ecofriendly Cleaner for your Dry Cleaning Needs

I am sure over the years we all have had to use the dry cleaners. When using a dry cleaner one may never realize or know what is involved in the dry cleaning process. Traditional dry cleaners use chemicals in the dry cleaning process and over time with exposure can cause neurological, liver and kidney damage. Through some research, I have found West Boulevard Cleaners which is an ecofriendly dry cleaner that does not use dangerous solvents or chemicals in their dry cleaning. Having the peace of mind that your clothes are not going to be doused with chemicals is a huge factor in why I will only use an ecofriendly service such as West Boulevard Cleaners.
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West Boulevard Cleaners is an environmentally safe alternative dry cleaning service for various types of clothing and household items. You can count on your clothes and other items to be safe as they only use Miele WetCare Professional washing machines, biodegradable detergents and specialized European finishing for certain types of fabrics and fibers.
At West Boulevard Cleaners your clothing will be brighter, softer and smell fresher. Last year, I brought some shirts to the dry cleaners and when I got them back they had a dry cleaning odor that just smelled awful. I did not realize that it was probably from all the chemicals they used during dry cleaning. I am so thankful to know of an ecofriendly cleaner that is solvent-free. Read More

A Guide to Echo Lighting

There’s certainly no shortage of superb lighting products on offer these days. Whether you’re after elaborate ceiling pendants, minimalist spotlights or anything else, you can take your pick from an array of options. As well as thinking about the visual impact these products will have on your home, you might be keen to ensure your illuminations are eco-friendly. After all, by opting for energy-efficient solutions, you can help do your bit to protect the planet. Perhaps even more importantly if you’re operating on a tight budget, you can cut your energy bills. Let’s face it, running a family home isn’t cheap and so it’s important to save money wherever possible. It’s worth noting that in a typical household, lighting accounts for between 10 and 20 percent of electricity bills. Read More

Oka-b Where Fashion Meets Comfort Review

Summer Gift Guide Selection
Now that summer has arrived, most people like to wear a lighter shoe such as a slides, thongs, and flats. During the summer months, you may frequent the beaches and want a shoe that is easy to throw in your bag or on your feet. Oka-b shoes are more than just any kind of shoe they are unique in many ways. Imagine having a shoe that will go with everything you have in your wardrobe and one that is comfortable to wear for hours daily. Oka-b shoes are the type of company that has a variety of shoes you can wear every day and match them with any outfit for all different occasions. I was given the opportunity to try one of their shoes and am very impressed with the design and comfort that these shoes provide.
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