Introducing New Meat To Your Table

On average, each American household wastes around $40 or 33 pounds of food each month. And a big part of the reason food gets wasted is because of indifference. We get into a routine with the same handful of meals that we put on rotation. We do it with meals, with snacks, and even with food that we buy in each week and never touch. So what’s the solution? One is fairly obvious; planning. By using a detailed meal plan you only buy in the food that you need and no more. It’s makes you buy loose food rather than pre-packaged things, which often leads to you buying higher quality and tastier foods. Read More

Vegan Catering Options

Guest post by Anoush
Vegan Catering Options
Contrary to common belief, you can still wow your guests with a vegan menu. There are so many current vegan catering trends that are guaranteed to leave your guests saying, “I cannot believe this is vegan!” Ultimately, aside from the wedding venue, the food is one factor that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. For this reason, you want to make sure that you make it count!
Working with a Catering Company
It is generally not recommended to go the DIY route when it comes to the food at your wedding. Mainly because 1.) It is not worth the stress and chaos, and 2.) The professionals do it better. Catering companies are in business for a reason, because they know what it takes to cater events. Using a catering company in accordance with one of the banquet halls in Glendale, CA will ultimately save you a headache and money on your food budget. Read More

Inspired by Happiness Gluten-Free Cakes

*Holiday Gift Guide 2015*
Around the holidays I love to have sweet treats around the house. Pies, cakes, holiday cookies and more. I had the wonderful opportunity to try a variety of cakes from Inspired By Happiness which is manufactered by the original Cakerie.

“The Inspired By Happiness brand is manufactured by The Original Cakerie, a leading manufacturer of desserts for the North American Foodservice and Retail industries. Inspired by Happiness is proud to share the same product standards as The Original Cakerie – using only the highest quality ingredients with an ongoing commitment to ensuring that these ingredients include natural flavours, noartificialcolours and trans fat and that our facilities are Kosher and BRC-certified. Additionally, Inspired by Happiness is certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Program (The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness).”

It is nice to know there is a wonderful place to get gluten-free cakes that taste great for those that have a sensativity to gluten. Read More

Victoria Premium Pasta Sauce

I love pasta and there are so many things you can do with pasta. You can make spaghetti, lasagna, ravioli, etc. When I make pasta I like a good sauce to go with it. In addition, I always like to have some type of bread to dip into my sauce as well. Recently, I had a chance to try Victoria Premium Sauce. My kids love pasta so when this arrived it was the perfect time to make pasta for dinner and try out this sauce. Read More

Newman's Own Organics Makes the Perfect Snack for Anytime

*Holiday Gift Guide 2015*
Newman’s Own products are products that I enjoy feeding my family. I have found their products to be of great quality and my family loves them.Newman’s Own started in 1982 out of a small boutique. Paul Newman took fancy wine bottles and filled it with his homemade salad dressing and gave it as holiday gifts. He never expected it to fly as well as it did and now Newman’s Own is a large company that has been in business for over thirty years. In that amount of time Paul Newman and Newman’s Own Foundation have given over $450 million to thousands of charities. In addition, Paul Newman has taken great strides in projects to give back to the military. I love a company that gives back to their community. Newman’s Own today has over 200 individual products across 20 categories. With that said, there is surely something for everyone! Read More

Support a Local High School When you Dine at Olive Garden

On Tuesday, November 3rd each Olive Garden restaurant nationwide will host a Spirit Night and donate 10% of in-restaurant sales to their local high school. Guests are encouraged to wear school colors to show support during the celebration. NFHS Network, is the nations leading high school sports media company and has partnered up with Olive Garden ongoing to support local communities. Read More

Vermont Nut-Free Chocolates Make Great Gifts for the Holidays

Holiday Gift Guide 2014
Gail Elvidge is the founder of Vermont Nut-Free Chocolates. Gail is a mom who has a son that is severely allergic to nuts. Since learning about her son’s allergy she has had to read every label to ensure he does not get any trace of peanuts or products that had come from manufacturing plants that could cross contaminate peanuts. Gail started making chocolate for her son to enjoy so she knew that the ingredients used were safe for him. Through many testings it did not take her long to find out what flavors were his favorite. Gail and her husband enjoy the same chocolates and now wants to share them with you. Read More

Newman's Own Organics Review

I received another opportunity to review for Newman’s Own Organics. I reviewed for them in 2013 and you can read that review here. This time I had the chance to try some of their different products that I never tried before and I was happy I did because they are delicious!Newman’s Own Organics was established as a division of Newman’s Own in 1993, and became a separate company in late 2001.Certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Ingredients have been grown on farms that have not used artificial fertilizers or pesticides for three years or more. Read More