What causes varicose veins?


Today we will look into varicose veins causes, symptoms and treatment options. After reading this, you should understand the condition in brief and know what the facts and the myths are surrounding the condition. Veins are blood vessels that return blood that has finished delivering oxygen to parts of the body to the heart and lungs. Varicose veins refer to the condition that causes veins to become larger twisted and bulging from the body. These enlarged veins are an eyesore with a purple dilated appearance. Read More

Difficult Topics You Must Discuss with Your Family.

Getting old is the sad reality of life. Mostly, people avoid discussing it but as you know, there’s nothing much you can do about it.
The fact is that you’re mortal and you cannot live on forever. In this modern world we have options that can make us have a younger-looking appearance, but there’s nothing that can make the insides of our body young again. So, the best thing you can consider doing when you enter the age bracket of 50s is to keep yourself healthy. Read More

Tips to Make Your First Mammogram a Positive Experience


What you need to know

Mammography does not always need to be a painful experience. With updated technology, you can now feel comfortable during the examination. Many women tend to avoid mammography, citing pain as the major reason. Here’s what you need to understand and a further source for more information can be found here www.insideradiology.com.au
Mammography screening involves X-ray examination of women’s chests to detect breast cancer. You need to get screening done as soon as you reach late 30’s. Cancer cells are too small to be felt as lumps. It is performed on women who don’t have symptoms of breast diseases. By getting screening done, you have the chance to detect early cancer and prevent fatal consequences. Read More

Is Your Skin Looking Dull, Dry and Blotchy? The Culprits Exposed

When it comes to the appearance of our skin, there are a few things we do not have control over, for example, hormonal breakouts and the effect high levels of stress can have. But, there are a few contributing factors that could be leaving your skin feeling and looking a little worse for wear. Especially if you are a lover of makeup and want to get that Instagram worthy flawless base, applying makeup can actually accentuate the temperamental features of our sensitive facial skin and potentially hinder the existing problems. The best way to achieve clear skin, rather than trying to                                                        (Source)
cover blemishes and dryness up, is to alleviate the problem causing it in the first place. Here are a few factors that could be contributing to your skin not feeling or looking its best. Read More

How You Can Cool Down After Your Workouts

Intensity, chasing your goals, determination and grit are just some of the things that help you when going in for your workout. We put a lot of energy into just getting psyched up for our workouts which we know will be gruelling. We know we’re putting ourselves voluntarily through pain and mental anguish. It’s little wonder that so many people will tell themselves they’re going to get in shape, but when they hit a certain pain threshold, their motivation suddenly falls by the wayside. Sometimes we question ourselves if the pain is worth it. Yet, it’s vital to realize that pain doesn’t begin until the next day because when we’re working out our bodies are releasing chemicals to help us cope with the pain. The morning after is when our muscles are throbbing, and chronic pain is moving around in our bodies freely. This can be avoided with a great cool down routine after the workout. Read More