Hammacher Schlemmer Superior Tabletop Whynter Ice Maker Holiday Guide 2016

I am an iceaholic as one could say. I have always loved to just eat ice all day long. Having an electric ice maker sure beats waiting for ice cube trays to freeze and it is also very cost effective than buying pounds of ice at the store. The Hammacher Schlemmer Tabletop Ice Maker generates conical-shaped ice cubes of 12 and produces 1.8lbs of ice per hour. Each batch takes approximately 10 minutes.
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Make Delicious Coffee Creations with Ninja Coffee Bar System Holiday Guide 2016

If you love coffee as much as I do Ninja Coffee Bar System may be one of the best kitchen appliances to have. I recently pooreceived my Ninja Coffee Bar System  and I as I expected this unit is phenomenal. If you have the regular Ninja Coffee Brewer then you will know it only has three brew settings such as classic, rich and over ice. Ninja Coffee Bar stepped it up a couple notches and added specialty brew and cafe forte. I will get into what those brews are shortly.
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Mechanical Perfection in the 6Gv2 SteelSeries Keyboard

                The 6Gv2 mechanical keyboard by SteelSeries looks like other standard IBM compatible keyboards at first glance.  Visually, the difference is the replacement of the lower left Windows key with a special SteelSeries function key that can be utilized to activate the media functions assigned to the F1 through F6 keys.  This has been done so that when an individual is in game, they do not accidently depress the Windows key that can cause the window to be minimized.  Yet, that is where the similarities end between modern standard consumer keyboards and mechanical prowess of the 6Gv2.  Read More

Play Beautifully With The eMedia Play Piano Pack Deluxe

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It is my pleasure to review the eMedia Play Piano Pack Deluxe from Hammacher Schlemmer.  My daughter has always had an infinity with musical instruments, and an even stronger love of music in general.  Now that she is a little bit older, she can enjoy the benefits of advanced technology in helping her become a better musician!  This device provides enough features to assist from the novice to the experienced learn music better. Read More