Finding the Perfect Balance Between Life and Working from Home

We all want to have a life outside of our careers, however, finding that balance between the two can be very challenging. Most people work an average of 45 hours a week and some 50+ hours. Not many people take personal time off and those that get vacations only use a week once a year. Sometimes working in an office outside the home, you may end up taking some work home with you and not having a lot of personal time for yourself. It is always important to give yourself some space between working whether it be from home or in the office as it is essential for us to be healthy. Overworking yourself damages us psychically and mentally. The mind needs time to regain focus which helps you to become more productive with work. Read More

Smart Home Gadgets to Bring You Into the Modern Age

If you don’t already have smart home technology, then you’re missing out. Thanks to smart home hub devices and the appliances they can connect to, we’re getting a glimpse of what the future will hold. We can now use our voice to control everything from the lights to our coffee machines, and the future is only getting brighter with more appliances coming with built-in smart features that can connect to our digital ecosystems. Read More

Bring Your Home Décor to Life with inspirational Geode Stone Furniture

Bring Your Home Décor to Life with inspirational Geode Stone Furniture
Like every other homeowner, you are always looking for inspiring home improvement ideas. As the single most important investment in life, your home requires pampering and this is why you have to use trending styles to make it look great. One of the most authentic home décor ideas today is installing stone furniture. Read More

Adding Glamour to Your Home Office with Scandinavian Furniture

Are you contemplating to give your home office a plush, sleek and sophisticated look and feel? Do you like it to be extremely lightweight in look and feel. Well, there are too many gorgeous and beautiful options to choose from but if you want to make the perfect balance between purpose and aesthetics Scandinavian home office furniture come as the ideal choice. Depending on the location of your home office, you can choose from a variety of designs. If you are thinking Scandi furniture have a typical look lacking variety, you are terribly wrong. In spite of offering some common design elements with a tiny of minimalism in this furniture range you can figure out tremendous variety and diversity. For busy home offices with hours spent on desks to home offices with infrequent use, they just match any requirement. Read More

Pfaltzgraff Winterberry 16pc Dinnerware Set Holiday Guide 2016

Fall has quickly passed by winter has finally arrived and holly berries are now emerging into sight. I received this 16pc dinnerware set just in time for the holidays. I have always loved having a dinnerware set specifically for each time of year. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love to decorate and even though we do not have a huge family, using holiday dinnerware makes everyone have more of a holiday spirit. I am excited to use my Winterberry dinnerware this holiday.  Read More

Hammacher Schlemmer Superior Tabletop Whynter Ice Maker Holiday Guide 2016

I am an iceaholic as one could say. I have always loved to just eat ice all day long. Having an electric ice maker sure beats waiting for ice cube trays to freeze and it is also very cost effective than buying pounds of ice at the store. The Hammacher Schlemmer Tabletop Ice Maker generates conical-shaped ice cubes of 12 and produces 1.8lbs of ice per hour. Each batch takes approximately 10 minutes.
ice-maker Read More

Make Delicious Coffee Creations with Ninja Coffee Bar System Holiday Guide 2016

If you love coffee as much as I do Ninja Coffee Bar System may be one of the best kitchen appliances to have. I recently pooreceived my Ninja Coffee Bar System  and I as I expected this unit is phenomenal. If you have the regular Ninja Coffee Brewer then you will know it only has three brew settings such as classic, rich and over ice. Ninja Coffee Bar stepped it up a couple notches and added specialty brew and cafe forte. I will get into what those brews are shortly.
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