Home Truths: Why You're So Stressed About Moving

Moving house can be a difficult time for everybody. But have you ever stopped to wonder why? Yes, the price of moving house gas gone up for a number of reasons over the last decade, but it’s more than just the cost. When moving day comes, there’s inevitably a sense of panic. Nothing quite goes as planned, and all your months of prepping seem to go out of the window. What’s worse, all that stress can rub off on other people, and lead to relationship problems you never knew you had.
It’s best to avoid problems before the day of the move arrives. Here’s why you’re so stressed about moving and what to do about it.
You’ve Asked Your Friends To Help
Getting your friends to help you on the big day might seem like a good idea. But unlike professional movers, they have no idea how to move your stuff safely and efficiently. Think about it: a lot could go wrong. Your friends could drop your computer on the floor, break your chinaware, even destroy your furniture. Worse still, they could damage themselves; straining their backs or putting their knee out of place. All of this can suddenly turn an act of charity into a medical and financial disaster.
But even if disaster doesn’t strike, getting friends to help still isn’t particularly great. Most people forget just how much time it takes to load up a van, drive it to the new house, and unload it all again. It’s not a couple of hours work: it’s more like a couple of days. As such, it’s best to be smart and use the pros.
You Hired The Van Late
Those moving home need to be out on a certain date and settled in their new home. Plans are carefully laid months in advance to guarantee the smooth transfer of property. Everything seems to be in place. Except, disaster strikes: you didn’t hire the van early enough, and now there are none available on the date and time you said you’d be out.

Don’t leave it to the last minute to book a van. To be on the safe side, ring up a month in advance to make sure you get the slot you want. Otherwise, you could be in serious trouble with the new owners of your house.
You Chucked Out Stuff You Love
Moving house can be a cathartic experience. It’s time to up sticks, move out, and start afresh. This makes it the perfect opportunity to chuck stuff you don’t want.
The problem is that a lot of people can take this too far, hiring a skip in the weeks before the move, and getting rid of enormous amounts of stuff. Worse still, some even mistake their valuable belongings for junk, especially if everything is wrapped in black bin bags.
The good news is that there is a simple solution: colored bags. Put all the items you want to transport in one color, and all the stuff you want to throw out in another.