Interview with Hair Stylist Natasha Sunshine

Natasha Sunshine is the founder of Byu-ti (Pronounced beauty) hair salon in Los Angeles. Natasha specializes in hair styling, cutting, coloring, relaxing, extensions, and hair products in the Santa Monica, CA region. In addition to her using quality products such as Pureology and Redken, Natasha has industrialized seven products of her own called Byu-Niu. Byu-Niu is a hair vitamin to help promote hair to grow twice as fast as it normally would. Sunshine has also produced six Byu-ti blenders to add to any conditioner to enrich and heal hair.
This is the series of questions we asked Natasha regarding the products we have been able to review. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as we have.

Illuminating Curl Product Questions
1. Does this product emphasize current curls, or provide additional curls?
Illuminating curl has a medium to soft hold which is great for all types of curls. If diffused you can push in an additional curl. If you apply, then twist the curls and let dry naturally, it will dry in a hanging position and give weight to too curly hair. When using this technique, you’ll want to scrunch the hair to break the product crunch once the hair has dried completely. You’ll end up with soft yet shiny curls.

Root Lift/Silk Bodifier Product Questions
2. What are the major differences between these two products and other volume building products?

They are very different products as the Root Lift will add hold and volume to your hair. You can concentrate the product at the root area only or apply it throughout for all over volume. Silk Bodifier has a very light hold giving hair a weightless volume. It’s wonderful for very fine hair to get volume without the heavy product feel.

3. How strong of a hold does this product maintain?
Root Lift has a medium to strong hold and Silk Bodifier has a soft hold.

Precious Oil Product Questions
4. What makes Precious Oils stand out in comparison to other oil related products?
Besides the incredible healing effect it has on the hair, it great because it’s not limited to only being used as a treatment. When using as a treatment, you can add a couple of pumps to your conditioner or once a week masque for extra reparative effects. It can also be left in the hair over night or slicked back into a bun for a day look that repairs the hair at the same time. When styling hair, it can also be added to a completed style for extra shine or pumped into your styler before drying for added shine.

5. What products does this work well with in maintaining salon quality effects?
Precious Oil works wonders when added to the Precious Oil masque as a once a week treatment. When using with a styler, we recommend using it on medium to thicker hair types and in conjunction with smoothing products like the CuticlePolisher or the SuperSmooth line.
Thank you Natasha for taking your time to submit the answers to our questions.