WowWee UNTAMED Sabre Tooth Tigers and Sneak Peek Dire Wolves


WowWee is at it again with some cool Fingerlings again. I cannot get enough of all this cuteness of these awesome toys. First let me introduce you to the UNTAMED Sabre Tooth Tigers. Read more


LiLgadgets Headphones Perfect for Children


Finding the perfect headphones for children can sometimes be a challenge.  When it comes to little ears we want to provide the best and most comfortable solution so they can enjoy listening to music, movies and play their games. With Lilgadgets look no further, these headphones are comfortable, durable and stylish. In addition, they are made portable by being compact and foldable which makes it easy to be taken with your child on the go.  Read more


How To Get the Perfect Tan With CoolTan

We all know that one of the most sought-after souvenirs from a vacation is an amazing tan. We all want that amazing glow that will take our look to the next level and make us look absolutely amazing. But getting a tan can actually be quite difficult! Between sticky and streaky tanning lotions and sprays, awkward tan lines, and an uneven tan it can seem downright impossible to get the perfect tan! I was super excited when I found out about the company CoolTanⓇ and their TanThrough swimwear that lets you get the perfect tan right through your swimsuit, makes it easier than ever before, and is super comfortable all at the same time! Read more


Pro Parenting – 5 Practical Financial Tips for Single Parents


Source: StevePb/Pixabay

Being a single parent can be , especially if your income doesn’t stretch to providing your children with everything they want and need. However, there are still ways to make your dollar go further while preventing yourself from falling into money traps. Pay attention to these financial tips below to benefit your family in more ways than one:

Read more


WowWee UNTAMED Skeleton Dinosaurs


Meet Doom and Gloom the newest in the UNTAMED line from WowWee. These two Skeleton Dinosaurs can glow in the dark giving them no place to hide. With their ferocious personalities they know the difference between friends and foes. In untamed mode, they rattle, roar, hiss and chomp. In tamed mode, they nuzzle and purr. Read more


Know When Your Shocks Have Had It

Your vehicle’s shocks are not your typical spring that you would see in the store. Yes, they do perform some of the same functions, but the purpose truly is to compress and then reduce the amount of bounce. This not only provides for a smoother ride in the cabin but also is important for the ability to turn the vehicle properly. Read more


How To Inspect Your Belts

The rubber belts that run an endless loop in your car are known as known as serpentine belts or drive belts. These are used to drive many important features of your automobile. Alternators, water pumps, power steering pumps, and air conditioning compressor to name just a few parts driven by the serpentine belt. While most vehicles utilize a single belt system, some vehicles can deploy a two-belt system to deliver power. Read more


How To Tell If You Need A Tune-up

Engines periodically need to be re-tuned to the original factory standards. This is primarily done by replacing some worn parts. For the most part, the adjustments older vehicles would require are no longer necessary as the computer handles the adjustment of the fuel mixture and the idler controller. In fact, there are only a few parts that need to be changed during the process of a tune-up. Read more


Where To Service Your Vehicle?

When it is time to have your vehicle repaired you have several options to select.  The first is to repair the issue yourself. A second option presents itself to bring it to the local repair shop on any corner in your area.  Lastly and in my opinion, the best overall option is to bring it to the dealership. While I fully admit that it costs more money than the previous two options, the benefits of using the dealership much outweighs the deal you get otherwise. Read more


Why Its Important to Change Your Oil Regularly

We all have heard that having your oil changed in your vehicle regularly is an important factor in maintaining your vehicle over a long period of time.  What does the oil do for the vehicle that makes this so important? How does the engine that stays in the engine longer than it should affect the vehicle?  These are important questions to fully understand the reasons behind. Read more

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