Choose King's Hawaiian Bread as your Number one Choice

 Back to School Gift Guide Suggestion
I am a big bread person. Not just regular bread, but more of what I call specialty bread. For instance, I like french bread and then slathered with butter. I have always been a bread person and I think I have rubbed off on my children because they love bread too! When my husband used to work for Publix before he got into his career, he told me that he had some rolls for lunch and that they were the best rolls he has ever eaten. When I inquired further to find out what kind of rolls he had, he showed me next time we were at the store and they were King’s Hawaiian. My husband was right! They are one of the best breads ever! When I was given the opportunity to review King’s Hawaiian I could not say no. I would be completely crazy and my husband would probably commit me to a mental ward if I said no. HA!
king hawaiian sweet rolls
 The King’s Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls have just the right amount of sweetness. The fluffy, moist texture melts in your mouth. These are the perfect rolls to eat anytime or with your dinner.
kings hawaiian sandwich buns
The King’s Hawaiian Sandwich Buns are great for any kind of sandwich. With the right amount of sweetness and buttery taste they make your sandwich taste wonderful. In addition, they are soft and big enough to make a decent sized sandwich.  
kings hawaiian bread                                                                                                                The Original Sweet King’s Hawaiian sliced bread is a  new way to share the authentic Original Hawaiian Sweet recipe you know and love. Our new Sliced Bread is soft and irresistible, with just a touch of sweetness to make your next sandwich or breakfast bread special. New King’s Hawaiian Sliced Bread is being introduced in select regions. I have not had the pleasure of trying the sliced bread yet. I just was able to locate it on their website and see it is at our local Walmart. I will be heading there over the weekend to pick some up. I cannot wait to try this bread. Knowing King’s Hawaiian I do not expect anything less from this product.  When making school lunches you can switch it up and make your kids sandwiches using King’s Hawaiian. 
Kings hawaiian pack                                                                                                                            King’s Hawaiian sent me a back to school pack of great products. I received many coupons to try out their breads and 2 sandwich containers, and recipe cards.  I love their tote style bags for my groceries. Thank you King’s Hawaiian for all the goodies. 
 PicMonkey Collage                                                                I also received two lunch bags to put the sandwich container in for my children’s lunch for school. The insulated bag will keep it cold. 
King’s Hawaiian has many varieties of sweet breads such as round bread, mini sub rolls, hamburger buns, hot dog rolls. In addition, they have honey wheat and savory butter rolls too. King’s Hawaiian has a store on their website to buy all kinds of products to send as gifts or to treat yourself. Check them out today! 
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Snapware Total Solution to Leaky Containers

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Take half the weight off your back with AIRBAC Backpack Review and Giveaway

 Back to School Gift Guide Suggestion
School is suddenly creeping up and one of the essential things kids need is a good backpack. My kids always complain every year that their backpack is too heavy and hurts their back. Does this sound familiar? You can end up with back problems from putting strain every day on your back. The last thing I want is my children to suffer from back problems from lugging heavy books around. When I received the opportunity to review The Bump backpack from AIRBAC I could not have been more excited.
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