Timeless Beauty with All Natural Timeless Skin Care

If you have been a long follower of mine, you know how I feel about skin care. Our skin is the largest organ we have and I think it is imperative to take care of on a daily basis. It only takes a few minutes each day to follow a skin care regime that will not only make your skin feel good, but also refreshed as well. I recently came across a company called Timeless Skin Care.
Timeless Skin Care is an all natural, paraben free, pure concentration formula to give your skin the healthy glow and healing it needs. These products are made with pure ingredients and made for all skin types. The natural skincare has hyaluronic acid that will help reduce wrinkles, fine lines and minimize scars as well as treat acne. Timeless Skin Care, cares about your skin and only uses ingredients that are gentle for your skin and adds no fillers so that you always get pure, simple beauty without the harsh chemicals. Read More

NARSissist L'Amour Toujours Spring Eyeshadow Palette

I am excited to share with you one of the new NARS palettes that I received as part of the spring Narsissist line. This limited edition palette has 12 must have shades from everyday neutrals to rich beautiful accents. There is four large shades and 8 smaller shades in this palette. In addition, there is four matte along with 8 shimmers.
All the colors in this palette have never been released before. This is a limited edition palette so my suggestion is, if you love NARS as much as I do, you better scoop this one right up as they are going to sell faster than a hot cake. These colors seemed to have good pigmentation and more creamy in consistency than their other eyeshadows in the past. All these colors work wonderfully together to pair them or stand alone. I have been using more neutral colors as of late and the Cream Bisque is lovely as a base color. You can coordinate multiple different looks with the versatility of this palette. Read More

Sephora Must Haves for the Holidays and Beyond

*Holiday Guide 2015*
Last year when I received my Sephora products, I showed you my favorite products. This year, I would like to do something different and highlight Sephora must-haves from the collection of products I received. Sephora is my best friend and I’s favorite place to get the latest cosmetics, beauty tools, and skin care. I have been shopping Sephora for many years and will continue to do so for many years to come. I have been blessed with a wonderful package this holiday season from Sephora and I cannot thank Sephora enough for their generosity. Thank you Sephora! Read More

6th Sense Professional Flat Iron with Heat Resistance Case

*Holiday Gift Guide 2015*
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Do you have tough curls to straighten? Tired of having to make more than 1 pass through a hair straightener and only to find it did not straighten your hair the way you wanted? Look no further as I have the perfect flat iron for you. Most flat irons will say you can get straightened hair with 1 pass, but very few do as they say. My daughter has straight hair to begin with, but she loves using the flat iron to help with the frizz. Now with the 6th sense professional Flat Iron she can do her long hair in half the time as it would take with any other flat iron. Read More

Dillard's Exclusive Edge Beauty Iconic Collection

*Holiday Gift Guide 2015*
If you have been a fan of my blog and have read it over the years, you know that I love beauty products especially cosmetics. I had to reach out to Dillard’s to try to get my hands on some beautiful cosmetics and when they just arrived on my doorstep I was excited.
edge beauty
The Edge Beauty Collection is an exclusive collection available at Dillard’s department store. Exciting packaging encases the finely crafted tones for our facial features is provided by the Edge Beauty Collection that embodies the passion of consumers. The availability of products on the internet and local stores has allowed consumers to oversee their own style. With 121 locations in select Dillard’s locations, the Edge Beauty boutiques deliver the most popular products with the Dillard’s standard of exceptional service. Read More

New NARSPro Refillable Palette

Today I want to introduce you to the newest palette I received for my makeup collection. As you all should know by now, I love cosmetics. Most of all you know I love nice eyeshadow. I love to experiment with the different colors to create all kinds of looks. Typically, when I order palettes they are always filled and you do not have a choice what goes in them. With the NARSPro Palette you have the option of filling your own palette to your liking. First, you can head on over to the NARSPro Palette maker and choose a large or small palette. Once you choose the size you can play around and fill the palette with your favorite colors. Now I am going to warn you it is quite addicting and you may not want to leave. Ha-ha! It is quite the experience, let me tell you. I love how you can choose between the blushes, Bronzers and duo’s and see how they fit in the palette. The colors are pretty spot on as well from what you see there and when they arrive to you.
NARSPro Palette
Read More

Look for Matrixyl 3000 in your Anti Wrinkle Cream


In recent times, Matrixyl 3000 has been steadily gaining popularity as a wrinkle cream ingredient because of its effectiveness. Matrixyl 3000 activates the body’s natural production of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, reducing the signs of aging including minor lines and wrinkles. Collagen, the amino acids responsible for the skin’s youthful look and smoothness progressively gets lost as the individual ages, wrinkle aging skin replacing the young skin. Collagen breaks down into smaller chains called peptides, which signals the skin to produce more collagen. The peptides are mimicked by Matrixyl 3000, making the body think that more collagen as well as elastin and hyaluronic acid are needed by the skin. Read More