Safari Ltd Figurines Review

Holiday Gift Guide 2014
Safari Ltd has been around since 1982. They have been the leader in constructing toys that teach children the importance of nature and conservation. Using imaginative play helps expand your child’s mind and allows them to grow and learn. At Safari Ltd they have an amazing spectrum of products that collectors and children of all ages can enjoy. I had the pleasure of reviewing a few pieces to share with all of you.  Read More

Free Yourself From Contracts With FreedomPop Review

While I love using technology, I never found the cost of traditional or prepaid cellular companies worth what was provided.  Mainly, this is due to primarily due to most of my communications are work related and occur on the office device.  Lately, I have found myself wishing to have the convenience of a cell phone, but still could not find myself to pay the high monthly fees.  Personally, I do not like to be tied to a long-term commitment when I am dealing with service contracts as the pricing market is always evolving.  I always feel that as soon as I do commit, a better deal evolves into the market and I am now stuck waiting until I fulfill my obligation.  Enter FreedomPop, a company who provides excellent cellular service without the requirements of long-term contracts or paying for extra data I will not use.  Read More