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Purr-Packs Subscription Box Delivers Purrfect Treats and Treasures

*Holiday Guide 2015*

One of my favorite things is getting subscription boxes for myself because I love surprises. You never know what is in the box until you get them and that makes it exciting. Since we love surprises, don’t you think our pets may like them too? I was researching pet boxes on the internet and found Purr-Packs which is a subscription box for our feline friends. When Purr-Packs said they would send me a box for my kitties, I was so excited and could not wait for it to arrive. When it finally arrived, I could not wait to show Jinx and Bella their new boxes. When I first opened the box they went crazy and tore up the box before I could take any kind of photos or anything, so I saved the second box for another day and they were just as excited. Read more


Jinx and Bella our Fur-Babies

We always wanted to get our kids a pet and at first we wanted to get a dog, but our landlord would not allow dogs so we decided to seek out a kitten. When we found someone had a kitten we went to their house and they had many to choose from. Instantly it was love at first sight and knew this was the one for us. We brought him home and named him Jinx.

Jinx Read more

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