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#SaveonScott Digital Coupons and Bonus Packs at Dollar General

I have a family of six and saving money by using coupons is a big thing for us. I never been a big couponer like some people are, but when I can find an easy system that works for me I try to utilize it to the best of my ability. Ease of use is important as I never have been good with trying to figure out stacking this coupon with that and waiting for the sale type of thing. I want to be able to log into a system, grab my coupons, and just get my savings. I give kudos to those that can maximize their savings by doing the above. If you are anything like me then you will definitely want to take advantage of Dollar General’s digital coupons. I will explain to you below exactly how to grab your coupons so you can start using them right away. (do you trust me? they are easy peasy, I promise you). Read more


Save at Dollar General on Scott with Digital Coupons

I have always been a big fan of Dollar General as I can always find exactly what I need. Thankfully, Dollar General is right down the road where I live which makes my life so much easier. Just the other night as it was getting late I forgot toilet paper and I made a Dollar General run to grab my favorite Scott Extra Soft Toilet Paper. I have used Scott products for many many years and it is the only brand of toilet paper we buy. Read more

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