Mudpuppy Toys and Activities Make Great Gifts Holiday Guide 2016

While in my search for something unique for my friends’ children this holiday season I came across Mudpuppy. Mudpuppy offers unique, imaginative play products for kids of many ages. I received a few Mudpuppy products and excited to share them with you.
The Magical Unicorn Color-In Puzzle is a fun puzzle geared for kids ages 3+. With 24 puzzle pieces, your child will have loads of fun putting this together and once completed they can use their imagination to color their puzzle in any way they like. There are many different kinds of puzzles to color in, such as an Owl, Cat, Ice cream truck and more. Read More

Dreamworks Dinotrux Rock and Load Skate Park Holiday Guide 2016

If you are familiar with Dinotrux you would know that this series is based on an illustrated children’s book series by Chris Gall. This series features a fictional prehistoric world inhabited by characters that are part dinosaur and part construction vehicle. The television series debuted August 14, 2015 on Netflix and continues to produce series to keep your little ones entertained. If your kids love the Dinotrux series they may also love the Dinotrux toys that are out this holiday season. There is many different cute play sets and toys that are fun and will keep them entertained for hours.
With the Dinotrux Rock & Load Skate Park you can bash into boulders, load rocks, grind down the half-pipes with Ton-Ton. Ton-Ton can knock the rocks into his dumptruck by wheeling over a secret button. In addition, you can connect other sets together to amplify the excitement and fun.
Both these sets will provide hours of dinomite fun. D-Structs, the half-dinosaur, half-construction creatures features pull back motor action and rotating saw blade to show off his destructive side.
Time to have some dinner fun with with RC Ty Rux and Revvit. Ty Rux features five different play modes which will allow you to point the Revvit remote control at Ty Rux and he will follow you. In addition, in finding Revvit mode if you place the remote control within an eight-foot radius of Ty Rux he will scan the area to find his buddy Revvit. Boogie down with Ty Rux as you press the dance button. In standard RC mode Ty Rux can go forward, backward, or make a direction change by pressing the dance button. Ty Rux likes to wreck and smash at times so hold down the dance button and Ty Rux will swing his wrecking ball. Featuring over 40 sounds and phrases this Ty Rux will sure bring hours of enjoyment and entertainment for any Dinotrux fan.
You can purchase Dinotrux on amazon or ToysRUs

Flipazoo the Toy that Flips into Two!

Has your child ever had a stuffed animal and wished it was a different animal? Or wanted you to go out and buy them another because they get tired of the same one? I know I have experienced that a time or two myself with mine. My children are stuffed animal lovers and often want me to continually buy them more to switch them up.  Let me introduce you to Flipazoo that will not only give you one animal, but two! Read More

Train Your Jedi with Uncle Milton's Jedi Force Levitator

*Holiday guide 2015*
star wars levitator
Training to defeat the Sith Lord is no small feat, but learning how to control the force will be one of the largest skills for a young Jedi. The force will be strong with your children when they use the Star Wars Science Jedi Force Levitator kit from Uncle Milton, Using the power of static electricity or the force, they will push and force pull one of the eight training deflectors with three distinct shapes. The training rod is actually a static electricity generator that helps your young apprentice channel the force. Using the rod itself, it pushes the deflector for away from the rod. When the young Jedi Knight uses their hand, they can force push and pull the deflector using their own natural electrical charge. The included science poster explains the force pull and push to the young Jedi. It also provides experiments that the young apprentices can try. Read More