Using Kelley Blue Book to Strike a Trade-In Deal

So, you are ready to turn in your old vehicle, but you are not sure how much you will get for your vehicle at the dealership.  Now most people might have some clue of what Kelley’s Blue Book is, but most did not know that some dealers will accept offers through the value of the car through this site.  The most important thing is to learn how to accurately get your vehicle appraised. 
Prior to even logging onto the website, you need to do your research.  Find your vehicle identification number (VIN), or the year, model, and exact engine type.  Also make sure you note which additional features that your vehicle has.  You will want to make sure that you note the accurate mileage the vehicle has as that is one of the first questions you will be asked.
The next course of action is to go through and take an honest assessment of flaws that your vehicle may possess.  If you are not forthcoming, this will likely turn the dealership away from the offer.  Another important thing to note is additional features that your vehicle has over a baseline model.  You can gain extra value in your vehicle by having a premium package for the entertainment system, or different wheels.
Once you have compiled this information, it is time to log onto the dealer’s website.  Typically, if they accept the KBB offers, they have a direct link on the site.  A perfect example of this is Interstate Hyundai with their website.  Once you have completed the application, you will get an instant cash offer and be shown the Kelley Blue Book trade-in range.  This will advise you how the deal is that the dealership is offering you.

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